Moon Days

Both full and new moon days are observed as yoga holidays in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. Both sun and moon exert a gravitational pull on the earth. Their relative positions create different energetic experiences that can be compared to the breath cycle.

Saturday 5th – new
Sunday 20th – fullFebruary
Monday 4th- new
Tuesday 19th – fullMarch
Wednesday 6th – new
Wednesday 20th – fullApril
Thursday 4th – new
Thursday 18th – fullMay
Saturday 4th – new
Saturday 18th – fullJune
Monday 3rd – new
Monday 17th- full
Tuesday 2nd – new
Tuesday 16th- full
Wednesday 31st – newAugust
Thursday 15th – full
Saturday 31st- newSeptember
Friday 13th – full
Saturday 28th – newOctober
Sunday 13th – full
Sunday 27th – newNovember
Tuesday 12th – full
Tuesday 26th – newDecember
Wednesday 11th – full
Wednesday 25th – new