Class Schedule

Full Schedule 

Monday, 5:30 pm – Intro to Ashtanga

Tuesday, 8 am – Mysore
Tuesday, 5 pm – Mysore – in person and online

Wednesday, 5:30 pm – Led class – in person and online

Thursday, 8 am – Mysore
Thursday, 5:30 pm  – Intro to Ashtanga
Thursday, 6:45 pm – Mysore

Sunday, 9:00 am – Mysore
Sunday, 2:00  pm – Beginner Yoga
Sunday, 7:30 pm – Restorative yoga with Rapid for pain

Traditional Led Class

Sundays once a month at 10 am join Terrilee for a traditional led Ashtanga class.
Led classes allow students to focus on the breath as they follow the asanas and vinyasa as called out by the teacher. This approach to the practice involves synchronizing breath with progressive and continuous postures, which produces internal heat while detoxifying the body.
This class is suited to all levels of practitioner.

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Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 am.
Join us for a traditional Mysore style Ashtanga Practice. This class is perfect for all levels.
Traditional Mysore classes allow each student to progress at his or her own rate, perfecting their asana practice with the guidance of a teacher on hand for adjustments and enhanced learning.

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